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Diplôme d'établissement - Master européen en génie biologique et chimique pour une bioéconomie durable


To deliver Bioceb vision, five European Higher Education Institutions pool complementary competences and approaches, all converging on the development of biotechnologies in the context of bioeconomy :

This consortium of five HEIs is supported by a network of 19 associated partners ; belonging either to academia or socio-economic world.

The added-value and originality of Bioceb relies on the integration of the consortium complementarities in a joint training programme, thus covering all the value chain, from plant resource to manufactured bioproducts, at all scales, from the gene to the industrial process, and addressing the related socio-economic and environmental stakes.




The European Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Bioceb aims at providing top-level and up-to-date education in chemical and biological engineering applied to the design and development of bio-based products and processes. The objective is to provide all students with a solid multidisciplinary scientific background in biology, chemistry and biotetechnology, combined with a good knowledge of bio-based products markets, and value-chain sustainability assessement. Bioceb aims at training student to systemic approaches at different scales, from the biological cell to macroeconomic systems. The programme is built-up arround three key pedagological pillars: an academic programme (lecture and practice), a green-line multidisciplinary project carried out over the 2 years, and an internship. Bioceb have ambition to favor the graduates insertion in the professional world, through a cross-cutting approach related to innovation, entrepreneurship and dissemination. Thanks to Bioceb modular format, each student is given the opportunity to build-up his/her specific curriculum with a specialization in one major field of biotechnologies, among bioprocesses design and up-scaling, biomass engineering and valorisation, bioproducts design and production. In the framework of Bioceb programme, the Biomass Engineering for Bioeconomy (BEB) track organised by AgroParisTech whithin the Integrative and Predictive Biology Master consists in a multi-disciplinary training providing :
in M1: knowledge on agro-ressources and biorefinery combined with skills in value chain sustainability assessment and economics
in M2: in-depth knowledge of plant biochemical diversity (in particular through secondary metabolites) and of the biotechnological tools (genetic modification, synthetic biology, innovative extraction strategies according to green chemistry principles) supporting innovation in bioeconomy. Besides the theoretical and experimental training in this scientific fields, the programme includes a course on bioeconomy and innovation to train the students to industry-driven approaches.


Unités d'enseignement

UE Type d'enseignement Domaines Catégorie d'UE Credit Ects Volume horaire Responsables Periode de programmation Site pédagogique
Internship BEB-F Optional internship Mise en situation professionnelle 0 2022/2023
M1Bioceb UE Biomass Biomass Resources and Territories Enseignement scientifique et technique 6 Philippe LESCOAT 2022/2023
M1Bioceb UE Decision Decision Aiding, Operation Research and Sciences for inno... Enseignement scientifique et technique 3 Gilbert GIACOMONI
M1Bioceb UE Economic Economic tools for environnemental analysis Enseignement scientifique et technique 6 Julien WOLFERSBERGER 2022/2023
M1Bioceb UE Environn Environmental Assessment for a sustainable bio-economy Enseignement scientifique et technique 4 Benoît GABRIELLE,
Catherine GOMY
M1Bioceb UE Green line S2 Green Line Project, 2nd stage Mise en situation professionnelle 6 Sandra DOMENEK-AICHERNIG 2A UE PROJET
M1Bioceb UE Intercult Interculturality and creativity Enseignement scientifique et technique 3 Stéphanie BAUMBERGER-ROLLEY,
Ghislaine TAMISIER
M2 Bioceb UE Bioeconomy Bioeconomy Enseignement scientifique et technique 4 48 Stéphanie BAUMBERGER-ROLLEY 2022/2023
M2 Bioceb UE Biomolecule Biomolecules, Biomaterials, Bioenergies Enseignement scientifique et technique 4 21 Stéphanie BAUMBERGER-ROLLEY,
Jean-Luc CACAS
M2 Bioceb UE Cell factory Conception d'usine de cellules Enseignement scientifique et technique 6 Stéphanie BAUMBERGER-ROLLEY,
Matthieu JULES
M2 Bioceb UE Genetic manip Manipulation génétique des ressources végétales Enseignement scientifique et technique 6 30 Stéphanie BAUMBERGER-ROLLEY,
Jean-Luc CACAS
M2 Bioceb UE Green Line Projec Projet de la ligne verte - 3e étape Enseignement scientifique et technique 5 6.5 Stéphanie BAUMBERGER-ROLLEY,
M2 Bioceb UE Specialized metab Métabolites spécialisés en biotechnologies Enseignement scientifique et technique 6 Stéphanie BAUMBERGER-ROLLEY,
Jean-Luc CACAS,
Florian PION,
M2 Bioceb UE Strategies extra Stratégies d'extraction et de séparation dans les bio-ind... Enseignement scientifique et technique 5 15 Violaine ATHES-DUTOUR,
3A mod séquence 4 LJV
MSc thesis-bioceb MSc thesis during research internship Enseignement scientifique et technique 30 Stéphanie BAUMBERGER-ROLLEY 2022/2023
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